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The purposes

Such is, for example, training to meditative contemplation, which ~goes in Japanese gardens about which we already had a speech.The story how children improve the relations with a landscape, ~it is put incomplete if not to make in end of of the short description a wasp ~by children's campaigns for research of not so separate places, and the district inthe whole.The purposes and character of these usually group sorties strongly depend fromage of children.Now it will be a question of campaigns which are undertaken onto giving or in the village.How it occurs in the city, the reader will find a mat ~rial in Younger children of years ~ more happen are keenidea of campaign.

You dance, only

By the way, can do the same at tiresome meeting you, at a tiresome lesson your pupil.During driving in the subway or by a tram.While all body already will arrive in any case.Tantsevalki.You dance, only mentally, about yourselves.It is possible to sing silently a melody, without unclenching lips.It is possible to imagine itself in a ballroom, in a disco, though on an athletic field.Essence of such dance when we think, that is we concentrate on any part of the body group of muscles, these muscles will surely reactZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

When the child

If something is, it surely hasthe place in space.Existence of a place is necessary for childrenand sufficient sign of existence.When the child is absolutely small, he lives by a principle that fell that ~, i.e.that disappeared from a field of his sight, that does not exist any more.For the younger preschool child the place of a thing is its integral ~ributy.If the place is is specially left, ~ is designated, and before ~ temporarily is absent, it ~ exists.If this place is occupied~ another, this another starts to exist ~ I am absent ~shchy, za~meshchy it and, thus, forcing out it from life, deprivingpossibilities to be.


The child well sees onlyat a short distance The child should study many things which for you seem usual.It belongs and to examining of objects! At the birth the child sees at distance see.This distance from his eyes to your person when feeding by a breast.Look at the kid during feedin give the chance to it to learn to focus sight.Slowlymove the head here and there, trying not to lose attention of the kid and to force his eyes to move behind your person.Itexercise will help with training of eye muscles.Sounds are very important for the kid Your kid hears.

Naturally, on a hungry

Secondly, in the morning shelling dreamed me, and the dream was in a hand.The son really sat in front of the computer and drove the monsters.Naturally, on a hungry stomach.I was indignant and reminded it, than the computer, is harmful especially in the mornings.On what Leonid, having hardly been lopsided in my party, with authority told Do not disturb, go to wash.I was taken aback.Also went to drink coffee.On the road remembered that I today not I, and my son Lenya.And it, respectively, my mother who went mad and very early sat down to play.Leonid Ficus to it with a cactus! LM to give reason for it that in the mornings it is more true, I very never sit at by car.

And as you think, what

Introduction Guess a riddle Round, on a neck grows.This riddle of own composition to us was thought by the madam of three with half of years.We did not guess.And as you think, what is it And so, it appears, what is and on a neck grows is … the head! Children have absolutely other system of values, than at adults, and carrion crows the feather, casting blue, in them, children's, the world where is more expensive than the mother's gold ringlet.Because the crow – live, and came yesterday on a visit – in about it at that window sat; or the feather was presented by that boy, which such …, well such it … Many misunderstanding and problems with children will be born just from our misunderstanding of this Toy Store strange, impractical andor fantastic.

In some

Sending the child to a day nursery, you should be sure that to it there it is good.It is not enough to child to be full and dry, communication with adults is necessary for it.He should feel in safety and is rather comfortable.Think, that can not suffice to it during stay in a day nursery and how to help it to get used to them.Payment of care of the child.It is very considerable article of an expense.In some families it makes budgets.To needy families an expense partially compensate from the federal budget.

They trust, but do not dream. Trustfulness

There is no need

Many disposable diapers have a protective blanket which can consist of the various substances protecting skin of the child from influence of excrement.Disposable diapers have special adaptations for prevention of an effluence of urine outside.Diapers well keep on the child during active movements.Children's spoonth WEEK Disposable diapers cost dearer reusable, but, probably, they deserve such price.There is no need to use them constantly, but, undoubtedly, they are more convenient for a night dream.I think, you agree that is not so pleasant to wake up in the middle of the night for change of wet diapers.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK When the child is awake the Child becomes more active, and duration of his wakefulness increases.

We surely

The beginning is necessary in the fairy tale surely, especially if this fairy tale for kids It divides two worlds – the world of fiction and the nature world, at small children with it big confusion.We surely should designate borders one business – to withdraw the child in the fantastic world and there on virtual level to resemble test, to meet woman Yagoy, to turn in a kozlyonochka, to beat off from Koshchey Bessmertnogo.And absolutely, well absolutely another – eternally to be in tension, because everything was mixed, because do not know, where the reality, where begins ended fairy tales and who there looks out from round the corner, Woman Yaga or the aunt Maroussia, and whether under your bed is the bewitched wood.

Certainly, they

Certainly, they imitate also to cooks, and to doctors and mother and to fathers, but in operation express the relation, the reactions, the.And here when your child, it becomes the leader, being fond and plunging into action, will surely lead it in that party, which is important for it.It is quite probable that, having shown a step and patience, you learn much that that does, having remained without you who as with it addresses, that disturbs most of all that it is interesting to it, and that – not so.Listen! – learn – and correct your fairy tale.

The child

If the kid does not distinguish color, he grew blind, and nobody will give it enlightenments.If the child insensible, changes nobody it.The nature not casually connected mother and the child not only a uniform flesh, but also stronger communication love.The child since the birth the body, but also love is not simple.The one who loves though somethin already possesses sensitivity and is open for new impressions.Who sees a subject, that is not grew blind.He will see.Who loves mother who loves the son, is capable to love.This internal feeling lives not only for the sake of one object presented at present.


The child will want to fall outside the limits one thousand soon.Then the second will be necessary scores, big.They have spokes units, tens, hundreds simple; units, tens, hundreds thousands and, at last one million.Transition from small the account to the big causes huge interest and any difficulties.Comments of the teacher practically are not necessary to children, they try to understand everything.They are carried away terribly by large numbers, and they have no special problems.Soon in a class there are the writingbooks filled with extremely huge numbers.Children with ease operate with sevenelement sizes! Big scores settle down in the same frame, as small.

Ability to define

At perception of music he learns to watch a melody, to allocate the relations of sounds on height, to catch rhythmic drawin at perception of speech to hearthe thinnest distinctions in a pronunciation of similar sounds.Ability to define the space direction, a relative positioning of subjects, sequence of events and periods dividing them is considerably improved at children.Touch development of the preschool child includes two interconnected parties assimilation of ideas of various properties and the relations of subjects and the phenomena and mastering by new actions of the perception, allowing is fuller and dismembered to perceive world around.

Vo~pervykh, it places

Our supervision over children's territorial behavior called ~whether to allocate the list of places which are visited by children.Vo~pervykh, it places of games.My schoolgirl psychologist N.G.Putyatova ~ mapping of places of games and entertainments of children of one of quart ~fishing in the center of Petersburg.It appeared that when children younger schoolage leave to walk, they are inclined to be grouped in unisex a lump ~paniya which settle down nearby from each other, but separately, and yokes ~dig there in the games, for example girls in school of balls, and boys in knives.

The child

But some elementary forms of behavior unconditioned reflexes at it are congenital and absolutely necessary as in order that the child could survive, and for further mental development.The child is born with a set of organic requirements need for oxygen, for a certain temperature of air, for food, etc.and with the reflex mechanisms directed onsatisfaction of these requirements.Various influences of environment cause protective and rough reflexes in the child.The last are especially important for further mental development as make a natural basis of receiving and processing of external impressions.

In this case

direct a fog on the kid.Arrange the device in a place inaccessible to the child.Discussion about humidifiers on the th week.If you have no humidifier, go together with the child to a bathroom.Close a door, include hot water in soul.Stay with the kid in a bathroom within minutes.Children have a cough connected with emergence of a croup.We will discuss this condition in detail on the rd week.In this case inhalation of fresh cold air within minutes is shown to the child.Some pediatrists recommend at croup emergence in winter months more warmly to dress the child and to go on shortterm walk.

He confirms

The central point of this situation is the act ~zheniye the child saw feature alone it egoism, among the generalexistence allocated as something remarkable, distinct from the rest anddecided to include it in the sphere of own life.Lifted from the earthfeature becomes one of construction elements of symbolical SI ~ I child.He confirms itselfhimself for itselfhimself through ~zhashchy to it the strange subjects, which main value consists thatthey are individual and independently extracted in free search among Wad Dra ~gy matter of world around.Having made these subjects the, the child made the first step to investment of their existence with new sense, ~dyashchy from the person.

M Education, Page

The word let's spread and disappear those ~to kushchy mental perception, it as though stops a stream impress ~niya, fixes their existence in memory, helps the child to find again andto identify them in space of world around or own body And where Piaget Zh.The chosen psychological works.M Education, Page of house space in actions and imaginationsMasha has a nouse And where And show, where a case And where window And whereCar bedThan more in the world it is called objects peculiar characters onto life scene, that the world for the child becomes richer and fuller.In order thatthe child started to be guided in space of own body somewhat quicker,and especially its contact, capable, expressive parts brusheshands and the head the national pedagogics offered a set of games of type With ~~, a squash cooked, children fed to it gave, to it gave.

The event

Also clearly it was visible that really occurring events than a distance ~, that become an occasion for various improbable ~ morecall where the desirable stood out for valid, all was strong ~cheno, it is much imagined but anybody from real participants againstit not only did not protest, and, on the contrary accepted the most active learning ~sty in distribution of fantastic versions.The event turnedin the group myth which was necessary to children.It is interesting that most quicker all forgot that to a cemetery not to ~went.

Even in the most, apparently, abstract

The developed figurative thinking brings the child to a logic threshold, allows it to create the generalized modeling representations on which considerably is under construction then formation of concepts.the second, and after mastering by logic thinking figurative at all does not lose the value.Even in the most, apparently, abstract kinds of activity of the person connected with need of consecutive, strictly logic thinkin for example in work of the scientist, the huge role is played by use of images.The figurative thinking is necessary for any creativity, it is an intuition component without which any discovery does not manage.

Galya gives

Borja approaches and transfers to Lena a circle.Lyonya puffs, and the train goes.Galya.Will come when to buy Borja.I can already go.The train left, and I am free.Goes to buffet and asks One cookies.Galya gives it one slice and demands And money Borja runs to the experimenter and, having received a paper slice, comes back and buys cookies.With a happy look eats it.Cooking fidgets on a chair, looks in buffet, but does not leave.Then again looks in buffet and at the experimenter and asks And me when behind food to descend I now do not have anybody it as though comes true.

If the child

forms at children the generalized flexible ideas of various types of lodges and the generalized abilities to build them.It creates a basis of really creative designing children easily construct such lodges which to them are required on a course of any game, easily embody in constructions various plans.If the child has a brief experience of designing if it in due time was not trained in designing on a sample, it, designing on conditions, starts to experience big difficulties at a construction of constructions.When there is a need to create something new, corresponding to conditions, the child begins to reproduce in the same way habitually the type of construction which is a little corresponding to conditions known to it at it general concepts about types of constructions and the flexible generalized abilities to create them were not created yet.

Interest to this

Why it is raining; Why it is necessary to water plants; Why the doctor taps the patient; Stars from where undertake; whether Can carry a tractor the small house if the house to put on wheels; If all water flows in the sea where it disappears then here small list of usual questions of the sixyear child.But inquisitiveness yet does not provide readiness to study, systematically to receive knowledge.Interest to this or that phenomenon quickly arises at the child, but quickly and disappears, is replaced by another.Already according to the provided list of questions it is visible that the child the phenomena relating to the most various areas of reality interest.


Pupils sit ranks, without having possibility to communicate, their heads swell from monotonous teacher's lecture.Children can get addictions, for example to an onanism About this danger speak not so often as about scoliosis, overfatigue or a miopiya, but it exists, scientists know about it since started to study school problems.The sitting position complicates blood circulation, provokes developments of stagnation.Besides there are no other entertainments at a lesson.The open school desk interferes with similar pranks, the school resolutely fights against anymoral crimes.

The Konformnost

In six years the konformnost at children considerably decreases.The Konformnost at preschool children is a transitional stage in mastering by ability to coordinate the opinions.But at some children it is fixed and can become negative property of the personality.Mutual estimates.The estimates, which children give to the contemporaries, originally are simple repetition of estimates of the tutor.When three fouryear children ask Who at you in group the best, they give type answers Lena because she quickly eats or Vitya because he always obeys.But gradually estimates become more substantial.Children who know many games are positively estimated, share toys with companions, protect weak, etc.

At this

So there is a graphic toy.At the same time children are forced out and from the public relations of adult members of society.At this step of development of society there is a new type of game a roleplaying game.In it children satisfy the basic social need aspiration to joint life with adults which cannot be satisfied on the basis of participation in work of adults any more.Children provided, unite in children's communities and will organize in them the special game life reproducing in the main the social relations and labor activity of adult people, taking thus on itself them to a role.

Eyes. And a nose

Let's assume, to children

Very often experiments with children carry out directly in group of kindergarten, and the researcher acts as the tutor, organizing this or that activity of children.Children thus also do not suspect that those games which prompt to them, or tasks which give, are organized specially.Let's assume, to children who are taking part in didactic game, give a set of cards on which animals are represented, cars, furniture, toys, and these suggest to spread out, cards so that what approach to each other, appeared together.Preschool children with enthusiasm play, and only the researcher knows that as a result of game it can find out, how children make generalization, they thus pay attention to what signs.

Without speaking

The most skilled teachers never tire the class too that the attention of children did not weaken.Even more difficult, stimulating own reasonings of the child, to give it not there where he can come, and there where it is necessary to the teacher.Without speaking directly about the intentions.Pushing children to allegedly spontaneous associations which actually have been thought up by the teacher, to force pupils to formulate word for word that definition which the adult already knows, but does not admit it.

Therefore, for example, there

It gives the chanceto the child to return to itself and to have a rest from the world, having hidden in the corporalthe house, as a mollusk in a cockleshell.Therefore, for example, there are children, which ~ to roll about on a floor after occupation in kindergarten or even after a lessonduring break.At adult people behavioural analog children's aspiration ~ there will be a desire to lie down, is lazy movin with closed eyes ~, in fragrant water of a heat bath.The longterm, steadily operating reason of desire of somechildren to roll the early children's problem which can remain isand at advanced age.

It quickly

But more oftento come into contact to a subject of the interest, the childshould resort to the help of the intermediary mothers or accompanyingadult.But already in two with ~ years, playing at a playground, the childrather independently builds the relations with a swin short flights of stairs, a hill ~, sandboxes.It quickly and without assistance finds to them under ~the course and well feels, what game possibilities are concealed in these subjectsand as it is possible to place them in the service of the desires.Sometimes the child at ~ mother to the aid, sometimes wants to show it the achievements, but into bigger degree it is necessary to it as a reference point and an emotional support.

Present poor

That we still considered as a didactic problem, actually is a social problem.Consequences of easily removable reasons cannot be considered as a moral problem.Present poor quarter where the great number of beggars where fights flash because of a piece of bread, here is dirty, the awful taverns, any culture, the woman and the man easily follow a defect way.During the first moment we feel only disgust for them.Nearby modern working quarter.Salaries at people sufficient, houses pure, nearby theaters, instead of one taverns.At restaurant decently dressed visitors have dinner.They are pleasant to us.But whether really they are good Those who improves life are rather kind.

It andvisit

The majority of the most interesting enterprises which arrangesthe children's domestic company of younger school age, absolutely absenteeism in the world where and with whomare intended for eyes of adults and will be organized contrary to their orders.It andvisit of terrible places like a cellar, an attic, the thrown house,and games with adventures on building sites, and constructionstaffs, both kindling of fires, and campaigns on a dustbin, and many other things, about whatspeech will go further.However parents on whom responsibility for life and ~ liesthe Viy of children, naturally, keep quite explainable desire to see and ~ the younger offsprings when they walk.

All girls

Know, such unpretentious, there you cut out everyones About age features and needs of children read in the book For and Nina Nekrasovykh Cease to bring up children help them grow.Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do if.dresses hats, you cut out a doll, well both you dress up, and you change the dress.Mother did not buy essentially The third class, and everything plays dolls!, and for the child it appeared the real tragedy.All girls had such sets, and at it is not present.All playedchanged on breaks, and it is not present.

Let's emphasize

Much water has flowed under the bridges from thosetime, times were changed, but also now to find a beautiful splinter parfyumerno ~ a vial a joyful event for the majority of little girls.Let's emphasize the word find ~ and ~ came across, came,saw under feet lying gift of destiny expecting you, unexpected, butdesired surprise.And after all as simply it would be possible to receive at once muchsplinters and to choose from them the best if to take and to break specially what ~ a bottle from a dustbin.But it even those children, which never dolive near deposits of potential treasures, for example near todumps of perfumery factory.


To it blocks hearing the, unique and personal song.What to do, and teenagers such.Our native teterochka it is absolutely not best of all.They sing songs there, in the heart of themselves.Here looks at you your beloved, eyes pure, clear, the head nods and thoughts wander somewhere .Do not take offense.Do not repeat.Want, that you heard Return the child to the real world.FAST HELP that the child heard Approach closer and call call by name.Ask to look directly at you.Catch an eye and tell looking in eyes! everything that want to tell and inform.


Yes, and it happens.Therefore that actually fairy tales do not listen and do not tell – in the fairy tale live.And sometimes there is also absolutely wonderful miracle the fairy tale suddenly will begin to sound in a tuning fork, also will pull out from you something old, sore, and a scab will fall down, and old pain will release, and you suddenly without understandin as so, for the next day will see the world a little another, as if the washed.Actually it not the world changed – in it always is both the sun and clouds – on most business something revealed in you.As a sprout from grain, as a flower from a bud.

Probably, one of fathers

These parents filled with sublime ideas, do not wonder that they made in order that sons found force and learned to accept spiritual support.Probably, one of fathers already took care of breaking will of the child, to subordinate him to itself.However not the terrestrial father forms spirit, but a mystical voice which sounds in heart of each person in silence.Shrill cries of the parents, wishing to subdue the offsprings, contradict nature laws, break silence where the miracle is quietly and freely created.Without the strong person everything is vain.

AS the KID FOR the rd WEEK

More often skin problems connect with parent hormones an estrogen which get to a fruit through a placenta.As a rule, after removal from an organism of the kid of parent hormones peelings and a vysypaniye on skin stop.We already discussed this question in two previous heads.If the inflammation joins the described problems, there is a pus, it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor.AS the KID FOR the rd WEEK MATURED Chikhaniye and cough.As a rule, the child coughs and sneezes to clear respiratory ways of slime, a dust and other irritants.

Life of will

Good intentions paved the road to a hell.Life of will is active.Acts equally effective force between excitement and brakin it can become, at repetition of the actions, almost habitual, unconscious.It belongs to all habitual actions which make behavior of well brought up person.We would like to go on a visit, but we know that we can prevent, today not visiting day, and we refuse the desire.We sit in a room, but the elderly person enters, and we rise.This lady very not nice, but we bow to it and we welcome it.Our neigbour took that candy which we looked after for ourselves, but we show no sign.

Here candy. Try, what

Kolya costs, having

While the child is small, this requirement is expressed openly.The child directly appeals to the adult Look, how I eat! Look, how I do! Thus is the kid expects admiration of how he eats, and how it something does.Kolya costs, having lifted up hands, and shouts Mother, could look! Mother, ! Mother approaches and speaks Here well done As well you learned to lift hands! Directly as big! The child joyfully smiles and starts to jump up Motli, mother! Motli, mother! And in a minute he already achieves approval of mother, trying to jump through the newspaper thrown on a floor, etc.From P supervision.X.Shakurov.Positively estimating these or those actions, acts, adults give them appeal in the opinion of children, awaken in children desire to deserve a praise, recognition.


These two descriptions made thanks to supervision of signorina Machcheroni, show the real face of those whom at usual school, without reflectin call the rude fellow and the informer.Let's call to the aid a science and we will understand true transfer of these words hero and angel.Destinies of boys touched our hearts because there was a wonderful understanding teacher.It is possible to tell that judgment of love this scientific judgment.For in it Christian mercy.So, the mentality starts with a principle the kid would be live, the rest will be put.


Children would remain in abnormal, a fidget.Because them interrupted in the middle of a cycle.They would lose the qualities connected with finished, executed internal requirement.One unique curve of the individual ordered work not always repeats in other cases.But it can be regarded as a certain average sample of the schedule of work when an order will reach.It is interesting to see the schedule of the child who has not come yet to an order.Children from poor families almost never show such complete confusion, as rich.Them always materials to some extent interest.


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