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Without speaking

Without speaking The most skilled teachers never tire the class too that the attention of children did not weaken.

Even more difficult, stimulating own reasonings of the child, to give it not there where he can come, and there where it is necessary to the teacher.

Without speaking directly about the intentions.

Pushing children to allegedly spontaneous associations which actually have been thought up by the teacher, to force pupils to formulate word for word that definition which the adult already knows, but does not admit it.

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Therefore, for example, there

Therefore, for example, there It gives the chanceto the child to return to itself and to have a rest from the world, having hidden in the corporalthe house, as a mollusk in a cockleshell.

Therefore, for example, there are children, which ~ to roll about on a floor after occupation in kindergarten or even after a lessonduring break.

At adult people behavioural analog children's aspiration ~ there will be a desire to lie down, is lazy movin with closed eyes ~, in fragrant water of a heat bath.

The longterm, steadily operating reason of desire of somechildren to roll the early children's problem which can remain isand at advanced age.

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