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Life of will

Life of will Good intentions paved the road to a hell.

Life of will is active.

Acts equally effective force between excitement and brakin it can become, at repetition of the actions, almost habitual, unconscious.

It belongs to all habitual actions which make behavior of well brought up person.

We would like to go on a visit, but we know that we can prevent, today not visiting day, and we refuse the desire.

We sit in a room, but the elderly person enters, and we rise.

This lady very not nice, but we bow to it and we welcome it.

Our neigbour took that candy which we looked after for ourselves, but we show no sign.

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Here candy. Try, what

Here candy. Try, what Here paper and pencil.

Draw something the stick and a clean sheet of paper is given.

Here candy.

Try, what tasty the stick is given.

As it appeared, the child of early age agrees to use a stick in some cases.

Replacement is allowed, when the End result of replacement is not realized the majority of children agrees, that the stick became a thermometer.

Lake Serezha , A thermometer it is possible, because such happens.

Olya With , It is possible, when the doll is ill.

Replacement is allowed, when action with the deputy I in N brin notable result the stick quite replaces a spoon.

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Kolya costs, having

Kolya costs, having While the child is small, this requirement is expressed openly.

The child directly appeals to the adult Look, how I eat! Look, how I do! Thus is the kid expects admiration of how he eats, and how it something does.

Kolya costs, having lifted up hands, and shouts Mother, could look! Mother, ! Mother approaches and speaks Here well done As well you learned to lift hands! Directly as big! The child joyfully smiles and starts to jump up Motli, mother! Motli, mother! And in a minute he already achieves approval of mother, trying to jump through the newspaper thrown on a floor, etc.

From P supervision.



Positively estimating these or those actions, acts, adults give them appeal in the opinion of children, awaken in children desire to deserve a praise, recognition.

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Destinies These two descriptions made thanks to supervision of signorina Machcheroni, show the real face of those whom at usual school, without reflectin call the rude fellow and the informer.

Let's call to the aid a science and we will understand true transfer of these words hero and angel.

Destinies of boys touched our hearts because there was a wonderful understanding teacher.

It is possible to tell that judgment of love this scientific judgment.

For in it Christian mercy.

So, the mentality starts with a principle the kid would be live, the rest will be put.

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Because Children would remain in abnormal, a fidget.

Because them interrupted in the middle of a cycle.

They would lose the qualities connected with finished, executed internal requirement.

One unique curve of the individual ordered work not always repeats in other cases.

But it can be regarded as a certain average sample of the schedule of work when an order will reach.

It is interesting to see the schedule of the child who has not come yet to an order.

Children from poor families almost never show such complete confusion, as rich.

Them always materials to some extent interest.

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