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Let's emphasize

Let's emphasize Much water has flowed under the bridges from thosetime, times were changed, but also now to find a beautiful splinter parfyumerno ~ a vial a joyful event for the majority of little girls.

Let's emphasize the word find ~ and ~ came across, came,saw under feet lying gift of destiny expecting you, unexpected, butdesired surprise.

And after all as simply it would be possible to receive at once muchsplinters and to choose from them the best if to take and to break specially what ~ a bottle from a dustbin.

But it even those children, which never dolive near deposits of potential treasures, for example near todumps of perfumery factory.

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FAST HELP To it blocks hearing the, unique and personal song.

What to do, and teenagers such.

Our native teterochka it is absolutely not best of all.

They sing songs there, in the heart of themselves.

Here looks at you your beloved, eyes pure, clear, the head nods and thoughts wander somewhere .

Do not take offense.

Do not repeat.

Want, that you heard Return the child to the real world.

FAST HELP that the child heard Approach closer and call call by name.

Ask to look directly at you.

Catch an eye and tell looking in eyes! everything that want to tell and inform.

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Therefore Yes, and it happens.

Therefore that actually fairy tales do not listen and do not tell – in the fairy tale live.

And sometimes there is also absolutely wonderful miracle the fairy tale suddenly will begin to sound in a tuning fork, also will pull out from you something old, sore, and a scab will fall down, and old pain will release, and you suddenly without understandin as so, for the next day will see the world a little another, as if the washed.

Actually it not the world changed – in it always is both the sun and clouds – on most business something revealed in you.

As a sprout from grain, as a flower from a bud.

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Probably, one of fathers

Probably, one of fathers These parents filled with sublime ideas, do not wonder that they made in order that sons found force and learned to accept spiritual support.

Probably, one of fathers already took care of breaking will of the child, to subordinate him to itself.

However not the terrestrial father forms spirit, but a mystical voice which sounds in heart of each person in silence.

Shrill cries of the parents, wishing to subdue the offsprings, contradict nature laws, break silence where the miracle is quietly and freely created.

Without the strong person everything is vain.

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AS the KID FOR the rd WEEK

AS the KID FOR the rd WEEK More often skin problems connect with parent hormones an estrogen which get to a fruit through a placenta.

As a rule, after removal from an organism of the kid of parent hormones peelings and a vysypaniye on skin stop.

We already discussed this question in two previous heads.

If the inflammation joins the described problems, there is a pus, it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor.

AS the KID FOR the rd WEEK MATURED Chikhaniye and cough.

As a rule, the child coughs and sneezes to clear respiratory ways of slime, a dust and other irritants.

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