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Therefore, for example, there

Therefore, for example, there It gives the chanceto the child to return to itself and to have a rest from the world, having hidden in the corporalthe house, as a mollusk in a cockleshell.

Therefore, for example, there are children, which ~ to roll about on a floor after occupation in kindergarten or even after a lessonduring break.

At adult people behavioural analog children's aspiration ~ there will be a desire to lie down, is lazy movin with closed eyes ~, in fragrant water of a heat bath.

The longterm, steadily operating reason of desire of somechildren to roll the early children's problem which can remain isand at advanced age.

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It quickly

It quickly But more oftento come into contact to a subject of the interest, the childshould resort to the help of the intermediary mothers or accompanyingadult.

But already in two with ~ years, playing at a playground, the childrather independently builds the relations with a swin short flights of stairs, a hill ~, sandboxes.

It quickly and without assistance finds to them under ~the course and well feels, what game possibilities are concealed in these subjectsand as it is possible to place them in the service of the desires.

Sometimes the child at ~ mother to the aid, sometimes wants to show it the achievements, but into bigger degree it is necessary to it as a reference point and an emotional support.

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Present poor

Present poor That we still considered as a didactic problem, actually is a social problem.

Consequences of easily removable reasons cannot be considered as a moral problem.

Present poor quarter where the great number of beggars where fights flash because of a piece of bread, here is dirty, the awful taverns, any culture, the woman and the man easily follow a defect way.

During the first moment we feel only disgust for them.

Nearby modern working quarter.

Salaries at people sufficient, houses pure, nearby theaters, instead of one taverns.

At restaurant decently dressed visitors have dinner.

They are pleasant to us.

But whether really they are good Those who improves life are rather kind.

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It andvisit

It andvisitThe majority of the most interesting enterprises which arrangesthe children's domestic company of younger school age, absolutely absenteeism in the world where and with whomare intended for eyes of adults and will be organized contrary to their orders.

It andvisit of terrible places like a cellar, an attic, the thrown house,and games with adventures on building sites, and constructionstaffs, both kindling of fires, and campaigns on a dustbin, and many other things, about whatspeech will go further.

However parents on whom responsibility for life and ~ liesthe Viy of children, naturally, keep quite explainable desire to see and ~ the younger offsprings when they walk.

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All girls

All girls Know, such unpretentious, there you cut out everyones About age features and needs of children read in the book For and Nina Nekrasovykh Cease to bring up children help them grow.

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do if.

dresses hats, you cut out a doll, well both you dress up, and you change the dress.

Mother did not buy essentially The third class, and everything plays dolls!, and for the child it appeared the real tragedy.

All girls had such sets, and at it is not present.

All playedchanged on breaks, and it is not present.

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