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The Konformnost

The Konformnost In six years the konformnost at children considerably decreases.

The Konformnost at preschool children is a transitional stage in mastering by ability to coordinate the opinions.

But at some children it is fixed and can become negative property of the personality.

Mutual estimates.

The estimates, which children give to the contemporaries, originally are simple repetition of estimates of the tutor.

When three fouryear children ask Who at you in group the best, they give type answers Lena because she quickly eats or Vitya because he always obeys.

But gradually estimates become more substantial.

Children who know many games are positively estimated, share toys with companions, protect weak, etc.

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At this

At this So there is a graphic toy.

At the same time children are forced out and from the public relations of adult members of society.

At this step of development of society there is a new type of game a roleplaying game.

In it children satisfy the basic social need aspiration to joint life with adults which cannot be satisfied on the basis of participation in work of adults any more.

Children provided, unite in children's communities and will organize in them the special game life reproducing in the main the social relations and labor activity of adult people, taking thus on itself them to a role.

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Eyes. And a nose

Eyes. And a nose Carries out lines.

Then suddenly thought, draws pads Legs.


From above wide lines represents fur.

Explains It it myagonky.

With drawing it is happy quite fig.

, and.

,, Andryusha with a smile considers a little squirrel.

What pads at it! he is surprised.



And a nose from what Look, ears.

After a little squirrel took away and suggested it to draw, right there takes a pencil and starts her image.

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Let's assume, to children

Let's assume, to children Very often experiments with children carry out directly in group of kindergarten, and the researcher acts as the tutor, organizing this or that activity of children.

Children thus also do not suspect that those games which prompt to them, or tasks which give, are organized specially.

Let's assume, to children who are taking part in didactic game, give a set of cards on which animals are represented, cars, furniture, toys, and these suggest to spread out, cards so that what approach to each other, appeared together.

Preschool children with enthusiasm play, and only the researcher knows that as a result of game it can find out, how children make generalization, they thus pay attention to what signs.

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Without speaking

Without speaking The most skilled teachers never tire the class too that the attention of children did not weaken.

Even more difficult, stimulating own reasonings of the child, to give it not there where he can come, and there where it is necessary to the teacher.

Without speaking directly about the intentions.

Pushing children to allegedly spontaneous associations which actually have been thought up by the teacher, to force pupils to formulate word for word that definition which the adult already knows, but does not admit it.

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