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Even in the most, apparently, abstract

Even in the most, apparently, abstract The developed figurative thinking brings the child to a logic threshold, allows it to create the generalized modeling representations on which considerably is under construction then formation of concepts.

the second, and after mastering by logic thinking figurative at all does not lose the value.

Even in the most, apparently, abstract kinds of activity of the person connected with need of consecutive, strictly logic thinkin for example in work of the scientist, the huge role is played by use of images.

The figurative thinking is necessary for any creativity, it is an intuition component without which any discovery does not manage.

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Galya gives

Galya gives Borja approaches and transfers to Lena a circle.

Lyonya puffs, and the train goes.


Will come when to buy Borja.

I can already go.

The train left, and I am free.

Goes to buffet and asks One cookies.

Galya gives it one slice and demands And money Borja runs to the experimenter and, having received a paper slice, comes back and buys cookies.

With a happy look eats it.

Cooking fidgets on a chair, looks in buffet, but does not leave.

Then again looks in buffet and at the experimenter and asks And me when behind food to descend I now do not have anybody it as though comes true.

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If the child

If the child forms at children the generalized flexible ideas of various types of lodges and the generalized abilities to build them.

It creates a basis of really creative designing children easily construct such lodges which to them are required on a course of any game, easily embody in constructions various plans.

If the child has a brief experience of designing if it in due time was not trained in designing on a sample, it, designing on conditions, starts to experience big difficulties at a construction of constructions.

When there is a need to create something new, corresponding to conditions, the child begins to reproduce in the same way habitually the type of construction which is a little corresponding to conditions known to it at it general concepts about types of constructions and the flexible generalized abilities to create them were not created yet.

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Interest to this

Interest to this Why it is raining; Why it is necessary to water plants; Why the doctor taps the patient; Stars from where undertake; whether Can carry a tractor the small house if the house to put on wheels; If all water flows in the sea where it disappears then here small list of usual questions of the sixyear child.

But inquisitiveness yet does not provide readiness to study, systematically to receive knowledge.

Interest to this or that phenomenon quickly arises at the child, but quickly and disappears, is replaced by another.

Already according to the provided list of questions it is visible that the child the phenomena relating to the most various areas of reality interest.

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Children Pupils sit ranks, without having possibility to communicate, their heads swell from monotonous teacher's lecture.

Children can get addictions, for example to an onanism About this danger speak not so often as about scoliosis, overfatigue or a miopiya, but it exists, scientists know about it since started to study school problems.

The sitting position complicates blood circulation, provokes developments of stagnation.

Besides there are no other entertainments at a lesson.

The open school desk interferes with similar pranks, the school resolutely fights against anymoral crimes.

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