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The child

The child But some elementary forms of behavior unconditioned reflexes at it are congenital and absolutely necessary as in order that the child could survive, and for further mental development.

The child is born with a set of organic requirements need for oxygen, for a certain temperature of air, for food, etc.

and with the reflex mechanisms directed onsatisfaction of these requirements.

Various influences of environment cause protective and rough reflexes in the child.

The last are especially important for further mental development as make a natural basis of receiving and processing of external impressions.

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In this case

In this case direct a fog on the kid.

Arrange the device in a place inaccessible to the child.

Discussion about humidifiers on the th week.

If you have no humidifier, go together with the child to a bathroom.

Close a door, include hot water in soul.

Stay with the kid in a bathroom within minutes.

Children have a cough connected with emergence of a croup.

We will discuss this condition in detail on the rd week.

In this case inhalation of fresh cold air within minutes is shown to the child.

Some pediatrists recommend at croup emergence in winter months more warmly to dress the child and to go on shortterm walk.

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He confirms

He confirms The central point of this situation is the act ~zheniye the child saw feature alone it egoism, among the generalexistence allocated as something remarkable, distinct from the rest anddecided to include it in the sphere of own life.

Lifted from the earthfeature becomes one of construction elements of symbolical SI ~ I child.

He confirms itselfhimself for itselfhimself through ~zhashchy to it the strange subjects, which main value consists thatthey are individual and independently extracted in free search among Wad Dra ~gy matter of world around.

Having made these subjects the, the child made the first step to investment of their existence with new sense, ~dyashchy from the person.

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M Education, Page

M Education, Page The word let's spread and disappear those ~to kushchy mental perception, it as though stops a stream impress ~niya, fixes their existence in memory, helps the child to find again andto identify them in space of world around or own body And where Piaget Zh.

The chosen psychological works.

M Education, Page of house space in actions and imaginationsMasha has a nouse And where And show, where a case And where window And whereCar bedThan more in the world it is called objects peculiar characters onto life scene, that the world for the child becomes richer and fuller.

In order thatthe child started to be guided in space of own body somewhat quicker,and especially its contact, capable, expressive parts brusheshands and the head the national pedagogics offered a set of games of type With ~~, a squash cooked, children fed to it gave, to it gave.

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The event

The eventAlso clearly it was visible that really occurring events than a distance ~, that become an occasion for various improbable ~ morecall where the desirable stood out for valid, all was strong ~cheno, it is much imagined but anybody from real participants againstit not only did not protest, and, on the contrary accepted the most active learning ~sty in distribution of fantastic versions.

The event turnedin the group myth which was necessary to children.

It is interesting that most quicker all forgot that to a cemetery not to ~went.

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