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Certainly, they

Certainly, they Certainly, they imitate also to cooks, and to doctors and mother and to fathers, but in operation express the relation, the reactions, the.

And here when your child, it becomes the leader, being fond and plunging into action, will surely lead it in that party, which is important for it.

It is quite probable that, having shown a step and patience, you learn much that that does, having remained without you who as with it addresses, that disturbs most of all that it is interesting to it, and that – not so.

Listen! – learn – and correct your fairy tale.

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The child

The child If the kid does not distinguish color, he grew blind, and nobody will give it enlightenments.

If the child insensible, changes nobody it.

The nature not casually connected mother and the child not only a uniform flesh, but also stronger communication love.

The child since the birth the body, but also love is not simple.

The one who loves though somethin already possesses sensitivity and is open for new impressions.

Who sees a subject, that is not grew blind.

He will see.

Who loves mother who loves the son, is capable to love.

This internal feeling lives not only for the sake of one object presented at present.

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TransitionThe child will want to fall outside the limits one thousand soon.

Then the second will be necessary scores, big.

They have spokes units, tens, hundreds simple; units, tens, hundreds thousands and, at last one million.

Transition from small the account to the big causes huge interest and any difficulties.

Comments of the teacher practically are not necessary to children, they try to understand everything.

They are carried away terribly by large numbers, and they have no special problems.

Soon in a class there are the writingbooks filled with extremely huge numbers.

Children with ease operate with sevenelement sizes! Big scores settle down in the same frame, as small.

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Ability to define

Ability to define At perception of music he learns to watch a melody, to allocate the relations of sounds on height, to catch rhythmic drawin at perception of speech to hearthe thinnest distinctions in a pronunciation of similar sounds.

Ability to define the space direction, a relative positioning of subjects, sequence of events and periods dividing them is considerably improved at children.

Touch development of the preschool child includes two interconnected parties assimilation of ideas of various properties and the relations of subjects and the phenomena and mastering by new actions of the perception, allowing is fuller and dismembered to perceive world around.

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Vo~pervykh, it places

Vo~pervykh, it placesOur supervision over children's territorial behavior called ~whether to allocate the list of places which are visited by children.

Vo~pervykh, it places of games.

My schoolgirl psychologist N.


Putyatova ~ mapping of places of games and entertainments of children of one of quart ~fishing in the center of Petersburg.

It appeared that when children younger schoolage leave to walk, they are inclined to be grouped in unisex a lump ~paniya which settle down nearby from each other, but separately, and yokes ~dig there in the games, for example girls in school of balls, and boys in knives.

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