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And as you think, what

And as you think, what Introduction Guess a riddle Round, on a neck grows.

This riddle of own composition to us was thought by the madam of three with half of years.

We did not guess.

And as you think, what is it And so, it appears, what is and on a neck grows is … the head! Children have absolutely other system of values, than at adults, and carrion crows the feather, casting blue, in them, children's, the world where is more expensive than the mother's gold ringlet.

Because the crow – live, and came yesterday on a visit – in about it at that window sat; or the feather was presented by that boy, which such …, well such it … Many misunderstanding and problems with children will be born just from our misunderstanding of this Toy Store strange, impractical andor fantastic.

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In some

In some Sending the child to a day nursery, you should be sure that to it there it is good.

It is not enough to child to be full and dry, communication with adults is necessary for it.

He should feel in safety and is rather comfortable.

Think, that can not suffice to it during stay in a day nursery and how to help it to get used to them.

Payment of care of the child.

It is very considerable article of an expense.

In some families it makes budgets.

To needy families an expense partially compensate from the federal budget.

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They trust, but do not dream. Trustfulness

They trust, but do not dream. Trustfulness In England the decrepit old man covered with snow, carries at night to children in a huge basket of a toy.

But how our fictions develop children's imagination Same we dream not they.

They trust, but do not dream.

Trustfulness is really peculiar to an undeveloped being who does not have enough experience, knowledge of reality, whose mind yet did not learn to distinguish the truth from lie, beauty from a disgrace, possible from the impossible.

Possibly, we try to develop trustfulness in our children, as during the period, whenthey are still so ignorant and undeveloped, they are so easy for deceiving.

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There is no need

There is no need Many disposable diapers have a protective blanket which can consist of the various substances protecting skin of the child from influence of excrement.

Disposable diapers have special adaptations for prevention of an effluence of urine outside.

Diapers well keep on the child during active movements.

Children's spoonth WEEK Disposable diapers cost dearer reusable, but, probably, they deserve such price.

There is no need to use them constantly, but, undoubtedly, they are more convenient for a night dream.

I think, you agree that is not so pleasant to wake up in the middle of the night for change of wet diapers.

DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEK When the child is awake the Child becomes more active, and duration of his wakefulness increases.

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We surely

We surely The beginning is necessary in the fairy tale surely, especially if this fairy tale for kids It divides two worlds – the world of fiction and the nature world, at small children with it big confusion.

We surely should designate borders one business – to withdraw the child in the fantastic world and there on virtual level to resemble test, to meet woman Yagoy, to turn in a kozlyonochka, to beat off from Koshchey Bessmertnogo.

And absolutely, well absolutely another – eternally to be in tension, because everything was mixed, because do not know, where the reality, where begins ended fairy tales and who there looks out from round the corner, Woman Yaga or the aunt Maroussia, and whether under your bed is the bewitched wood.

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