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M Education, Page

M Education, Page The word let's spread and disappear those ~to kushchy mental perception, it as though stops a stream impress ~niya, fixes their existence in memory, helps the child to find again andto identify them in space of world around or own body And where Piaget Zh.

The chosen psychological works.

M Education, Page of house space in actions and imaginationsMasha has a nouse And where And show, where a case And where window And whereCar bedThan more in the world it is called objects peculiar characters onto life scene, that the world for the child becomes richer and fuller.

In order thatthe child started to be guided in space of own body somewhat quicker,and especially its contact, capable, expressive parts brusheshands and the head the national pedagogics offered a set of games of type With ~~, a squash cooked, children fed to it gave, to it gave.

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