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The purposes

The purposes Such is, for example, training to meditative contemplation, which ~goes in Japanese gardens about which we already had a speech.

The story how children improve the relations with a landscape, ~it is put incomplete if not to make in end of of the short description a wasp ~by children's campaigns for research of not so separate places, and the district inthe whole.

The purposes and character of these usually group sorties strongly depend fromage of children.

Now it will be a question of campaigns which are undertaken onto giving or in the village.

How it occurs in the city, the reader will find a mat ~rial in Younger children of years ~ more happen are keenidea of campaign.

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You dance, only

You dance, only By the way, can do the same at tiresome meeting you, at a tiresome lesson your pupil.

During driving in the subway or by a tram.

While all body already will arrive in any case.


You dance, only mentally, about yourselves.

It is possible to sing silently a melody, without unclenching lips.

It is possible to imagine itself in a ballroom, in a disco, though on an athletic field.

Essence of such dance when we think, that is we concentrate on any part of the body group of muscles, these muscles will surely reactZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

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When the child

When the child If something is, it surely hasthe place in space.

Existence of a place is necessary for childrenand sufficient sign of existence.

When the child is absolutely small, he lives by a principle that fell that ~, i.


that disappeared from a field of his sight, that does not exist any more.

For the younger preschool child the place of a thing is its integral ~ributy.

If the place is is specially left, ~ is designated, and before ~ temporarily is absent, it ~ exists.

If this place is occupied~ another, this another starts to exist ~ I am absent ~shchy, za~meshchy it and, thus, forcing out it from life, deprivingpossibilities to be.

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SlowlymoveThe child well sees onlyat a short distance The child should study many things which for you seem usual.

It belongs and to examining of objects! At the birth the child sees at distance see.

This distance from his eyes to your person when feeding by a breast.

Look at the kid during feedin give the chance to it to learn to focus sight.

Slowlymove the head here and there, trying not to lose attention of the kid and to force his eyes to move behind your person.

Itexercise will help with training of eye muscles.

Sounds are very important for the kid Your kid hears.

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Naturally, on a hungry

Naturally, on a hungry Secondly, in the morning shelling dreamed me, and the dream was in a hand.

The son really sat in front of the computer and drove the monsters.

Naturally, on a hungry stomach.

I was indignant and reminded it, than the computer, is harmful especially in the mornings.

On what Leonid, having hardly been lopsided in my party, with authority told Do not disturb, go to wash.

I was taken aback.

Also went to drink coffee.

On the road remembered that I today not I, and my son Lenya.

And it, respectively, my mother who went mad and very early sat down to play.

Leonid Ficus to it with a cactus! LM to give reason for it that in the mornings it is more true, I very never sit at by car.

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